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About our company


     My name is Tony the owner of Here or There RV Repair.

My wife and I have been RV'ing in since 1996 and over the many miles and campgrounds we have found people in need of assistance whether a water heater not working, Air conditioner or maybe the refrigerator quit after putting in your $200.00 worth of grocery's. From the Newest RV'ers to the Seasoned Pro we all have problems at times and need assistance.


     How many of us have called the RV mechanic shop to ask for help just to be told it will be two to three weeks maybe more before they can look at your unit. WOW I can't count the times I've heard that from customers. And it is for this reason I started this company and sought certification as a RV maintenance technician. During my search I located a Nationally Accredited Academy for my instructions and certification.


     We also perform Pre-purchase Inspections on New and Used units.


     So before you buy give us a try. Be a Happy Camper :)

     Primary coverage area is Indiana but will give prior updates to my location when on the move. Call now to schedule your appointment.


            Just give us a call no problem at all       317-426-6125

  Mr. Gibbs        Co-Pilot
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